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Articles on Publishing

Articles on Publishing

"How to Find a Literary Agent"

"Query Letters to Agents"

"Why You Should Work with a Large Publisher and Who Are These Publishers?"

"Attracting a Large Publisher"

"Nonfiction Book Proposals"

"The Fiction Book Proposal"

"How to Research Competitive Books for Your Nonfiction Book Proposal"

"Book Expo America"

"Trademark Basics"

"How to Write and Get a Children's Book Published"

"Book Proposal Services"

"Book Concept Analysis"

"Self-Publishing a Poetry Book"

"Publishing a Book with a Small Publisher"

"Perseverance in Publishing"

"Author Promotion for Your Nonfiction Book Proposal"

"Seeking Book Endorsements"

"Literary Agents-What They Can Do for You"

"How to Obtain Permission to Use Copyrighted Material"

"Marketing Your Book"

"How to Become Irresistible to the Media"

"Book Promotion Schedule"

"Formatting, Packaging & Mailing Your Book Proposal"

"Getting Poetry Published"

"Getting Published in Magazines"